Dear all, warmest welcome to my maiden blog. First and foremost, i shall bring up a topic that all of us can comfortably discuss and share with. From then on, i hope we can share among ourselves views and opinions within here….not just for my own knowledge sake…maybe as your ‘non-abusive on-line’ speaker corner.I sincerely hope so.

So let’s see….what shall i start with??? Ok…i know…i shall start with the only thing i know and can be competent at…Makan!!!

Share with me some pleasant stuffs around us regarding Makan….the foods, the qualities, the prices, the stalls or restaurants. Feel free to make comments, and i will like us to expand our topics to a larger extend in future….trends, entertainments, volunteering works, sports, women and men, politics, academic upgrading, jobs etc.

So that, by far and large one day i can also benefit from all your comments, therefore my own capability won’t be just restricted only on Makan.